How To : Iron-on rhinestone embellishment

Iron-on/hot press

How to apply an “iron on” embellishment. You can machine wash this particular style of appliqué without damage but you do have to be careful and handle with extra care while doing so, hand wash cycle and air dry.


To start find your material and your chosen rhinestone embellishment. Next peel back the protective film, keeping only the pattern, do not move the rhinestones or the pattern will be compromised.

Flip the sticky side with the crystals onto the shirt. (When using a regular iron on appliqué you just have place on desired place with glue side down) you can put a towel or any heat safe fabric over the sequins then iron on, or what I did was simply flip the shirt over and ironed the back. Always keep iron on high and don’t ever keep it in one place. Keep it moving so you don’t burn your garment.

Then just let it cool, about ten minutes. Don’t forget to turn off your iron when you are done.

Lastly carefully, peel back the plastic film to show the ironed on design.

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