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Iron-on/hot press

Iron-on/hot press

Back again, another week has past, and what a week it was. We have finished the World Series,⚾️ started to vote here in the US 🇺🇸and finally Halloween 🎃 arrived giving you a chance to unveil all the costumes and crafts of the season. Now with the beginning of a new month we also have the beginning of the busy Holliday season right around the corner. 🤭All the cooking, shopping, and decorating seems to always creep up on me. 🤫So I am going to try to get a game plan thought out ahead of time this year, and maybe even safe a few bucks by hand crafting some gifts and some decorations. 💸

Last week I started my journey with a couple simple glue on appliqués, one using permanent glue and the rest with a test run of a temporary glue. I took the temporary items off 48 hours later in order to see first hand If the glue would leave any damage on either the shirt or the appliques. 🤞In conclusion everything worked out but i could see it possibly taking more of a tole on highly delicate fabrics. Especially if repeated numerous times.

Anyways, this week I was able to learn how fun and easy it is to apply an “iron on” appliqué. Picking one out was the most challenging part of this project. I ended up picking a iron on/ heat press crystal snake head. Rumor has it, you can machine wash this particular style of appliqué without damaging pattern. But you do have to be careful and handle with extra care before you use it.

To start I found a black shirt, thinking black would probably end up a better color for a background with the crystals. Next peeled back the protective film on the snake, keeping only the clear plastic with the snake pattern on it.

Then just flip the sticky side with the crystals against the shirt. (When using a regular iron on appliqué you just have place on desired place with glue side down) you can put a towel or any heat safe fabric over the sequins then iron on, or what I did was simply flip the shirt over and ironed the back. Always keep iron on high and don’t ever keep it in one place. Keep it moving so you don’t burn your garment. Of course try not to burn yourself 🤕

Then just let it the selected items cool. Maybe ten minutes.⌛️don’t forget to turn off your iron when your done.🚨

After my break, I ever so carefully, peeled back the clear plastic film. (Not necessary for regular appliqué.) And walla🤗

That’s how we do it in the pros. This obviously is not meant for me. But I am pleased with the final outcome. Now I have a very affordable holiday gift 🎁 and it only took around 20 minutes. Thanx as always for joining me. Next week I will let you know how the snake shirt did it the washing machine and I will have a new craft to try out. 🙋🏽‍♂️

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