What Sequin Appliqué offers

Showing a few different items that we offer and hopefully give you some ideas to get you prepared for the holiday crafts.

We have a large selection of all different types of appliqués ranging in category, shapes, colors and sizes. Let us narrow our selection down by color, such as blue. We have blue flowers, letters, animals, dots, numbers, flames and so much more that is not shown. 

We also have embroidered appliqués. Letters and symbols for jackets, jeans, towels, crocs and so much more. Beautifully detailed and high quality. 

We also offer Bullion patches. Gold threaded and beautifully handcrafted.  

We offer many different rhinestone iron on embellishments. From letters to hearts to animals and words. 

We have a few appliqués that work great under a black light. These are great for black light parties for any age. 

These appliqués are great for any crafters or designer, from beginner to expert. 

We also offer a few different trims. These can be used for any project ranging from curtains or furniture and so on. These fringes along with loose beads and sequins are usually the items most of our customers don’t know we keep in stock. These items are very difficult to find, vintage and many them are not in mass production anymore. Here are a small taste of our selection.

Feel free to do a quick search in our shop for "trims" to see the other trims we offer.

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