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About Us

My interest in art and color has taken me down many career paths. I’ve worked as a fine artist, real estate agent, color consultant and interior designer. Talent for color and design run in the family as my grandmother was a hat designer and my mother an interior designer. I anticipate this family trend of creativity to continue for generations to come.

What started as a hobby selling a small amount of sequin appliqués from my home has turned into a large-scale internet business. Over the past 14 years I have purchased four sequin appliqué collections with over 500,000+ items.

I look forward to each day with anticipation as to what "lovelies" might be sold that day. I get attached to each and every appliqué, and enjoy the glitz, glamor and fun they provide.

Making my online store globally accessible helps connect many more customers to my inventory of beautifully-made, hard-to-find products. My business has grown through networking expertise and by targeting what the customer wants making those items available. I recently moved with my husband to Phoenix after 60 years in California.

I have three stores in - BestSequinAppliques, VintageAndNewButtons, VintageTrimsAndBeads!

We will be opening a new retail store in Phoenix soon. 

"My goal is to continue to have excellent customer service and ensure my products reach my customers in a fast and efficient process with attention to detail.