How To : Glue on appliqué application

Glue On Method 

We will need glue (Fabric Glue of any brand or E6000), the appliqué of choice, a paint brush to help spread the glue evenly over the appliqué, a heavy object/clips to leave on appliqué while drying and a piece of clothing or any surface/material you are trying to decorate.

E6000 glue is a favorite.

Gloves are highly recommended due to the harsh chemicals the permanent glue contains.


There are other glues available depending on what you want to do. If you want a temporary hold there is a glue that can be applied and then removed within 48 hours or glue dots. 

Apply glue and spread with brush evenly and as neat as possible. We don’t want tons of extra glue all over. Read instructions on glue, some glues may differ in application methods. For example the temporary glue used is supposed to slightly dry before stuck on the material.

Glue that dries clear is preferred so it does not look messy.

Now carefully and firmly press onto clothing. Let the permanent glue dry for at least 24 hours before wearing it and apply a heavy book/blocks or clips while drying to ensure proper adhesion. With the temporary glue we are able to wear it after it dries 1-2 hours depending on the glue used.





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