Ideas on what to create with appliqués

Embellish It!

You can embellish anything with an appliqué.

Simply Sew, Glue or iron on! It's that easy!

Turn something plain and simple into something glorious.

Appliqués add lots of sparkle and Bling, and everyone needs a little Bling!

Some examples for using appliqués are:

Bridal accessories such as bridal sashes, garters, headbands, bracelets, or bouquets. Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding favors and so much more.

They are also great for crafts, clothing, shoes, hats, purses, home decor, towels, lampshades, costumes, evening gowns, and more.

You can create custom Flip Flops or even croc charms, just glue a "charm charm back" onto the appliqué.

You can make unique holiday ornaments, hair bows, earrings, jewelry, magnets, brooches or pins with appliqués.

Create belly dancing or figure skating costumes.

Save hundreds of dollars on Pageant dresses and add some elegance just by applying a few appliqués.

We have over 17,000 items to choose from in our store.

Appliqués and Trims can be used for many of your sewing, scrapbook and craft projects.

You can adorn curtains, beach bags, saddles, air pod/phone cases , pillows, picture frames and so much more!

Turn something plain and simple into pure elegance.

Appliqués are easy to apply just simply glue or sew on.

Try our Tack it over and over glue. This glue allows temporary adhesion to move appliqués from material to material.

Makes washing quick and easy.

Browse through our large selection of appliqués. I am sure you will find something at Sequin Appliqués that you just can't live without.

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