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Sequin Appliques 101

So I’ve decided with the peak craft season just over the horizon, you could call this the calm before the storm. I am going to take a week off the crafts and just give you all a tour of Sequin Appliques, and show all my readers all that we have to offer and hopefully give you a couple ideas to get you prepared for the holiday’s. I have been working here everyday for a few months now and i still find new things I didn’t even realize we had. So if I didn’t know we carried some of these items, most of my readers probably don’t know either.  

Of course we have tens of thousands of sequin appliques in all different shapes, colors, and sizes.  I try to keep the basics such as numbers/letters, stars, dots and bows ect in stock.  Having maybe the largest selection of all different types of appliques in the world I don’t have time to show all of them. But for example lets just pick a color... Where you thinking blue also? Ha! Probably not but as this is my blog I will be in charge here. Comment section is open, but your favorite color isnt gunna make me change mine. Anyways.

We also have a good amount of embroidered appliques/patches. These are usually a bit more detailed, not as delicate, and can be aimed at anyone from a young princess to a 50 year old biker. Where do you think they get all those letters and symbols for their leather vests and jackets? But embroidered items lack the shine and bling that the average sequin appliqué contains.

The many different “bullion” patches we have could also fall into a similar category as the embroidered appliques.  The 3D look that these have give them a bit more pop and kinda remind me of the logos i used to have on most of my baseball caps, usually the higher quality wool knit fitted hats. I am not real sure what people use these for but I bet when used on the right project they could make a noticeable difference over a 2D embroidered appliqué.   

If you were with me last week you will remember the “crystal stud” appliques we have so i won't spend much time describing these, but here are a couple of the many we have.

We have a ok amount of appliques that work great under a black light. These are great for grade schoolers and all those who hang out in smoky rooms full of black lights or dance clubs with unbearable never ending strobe light action. Also good to put on anyone who easily gets lost or separated from the group, cause even w out a black light they stand out from the average shirt quite a bit.

For the skilled craftsman or women, usually more likely to be the latter in this field, we have a large selection of fringes/trims. Not to say guys can't take on the sequin game, I like to think of myself as a mogul in the applique biz. Hehehe, anyway the ranges of prices can be anywhere from a few bucks per yard up to 20 to 30 dollars for a select length. These can be used for anything you would like but I imagine they would work nice maybe for curtains or furniture or whatever you think of. These fringes along with loose beads and sequins are usually the items most of our customers don’t know we keep in stock. Carroll, my boss, has told me many of these items are very difficult to find these days as some of them are not in mass production anymore. Here are a small taste of our selection.

I hope a few of my few regulars have enjoyed this quick tour and i apologize if you were looking forward to another one of my quality “how to” projects this week. Next week we are going all out and hitting the crafts hard. So pace yourself and take some time to enjoy all life has to offer. Thanks for all the comments last week. Until next week when I attempt to use a sewing machine for the first time. Should be entertaining!

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