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How to apply glue on appliques

Glue on appliques

So I’m thinking after posting a second blog maybe I’m officially a professional blogger now? Thanks for joining me again. This time let’s roll up our sleeves and get crafty. But before we start, real quick I would like to remind everyone reading that I am just starting out here so I’m sure this will be a bit rudimentary for most of the readers. So any constructive criticism will hopefully be somewhat excepted.

I will start out w the simple glue on method. Besides glue all we will need is; some sequins,I have picked out a few that caught my eye, 👀 a paint brush to help spread the glue evenly over the appliqué, and of course piece of clothing or what ever surface you are trying to decorate. If this is also your first time I feel obligated to mention our other blogs on  applying sequins were preformed and written by pros, so that’s available. They are all more educational and if there is special lingo in the fashion world I don’t use correctly and that’s important to you, it should all be in there. That being said I don’t think this is gunna be that complicated🤔

Now let’s get gluing. I’m using this E6000 glue because it was recommended, plus it sounds tuff. 🤨Gloves are highly recommended due to the harsh chemicals the permanent glue contains.☠️


But many other glues are available depending on what you want to do. If you don’t want a permanent hold there is a glue that can be applied and then removed within 48 hours. ⌛️

I will be trying both so I can test first hand how well they work. Lastly I have a plain, boring, white T-shirt cleaned and ready for some action. 👍

Apply glue and spread with brush evenly and as neat as possible. We don’t want tons of extra glue all over. Read instructions on glue, some glues may differ in application methods. For example the temporary glue I’m using is supposed to slightly dry before stuck on the selected cloth.

It’s best if you use glue that will dry clear so it doesn’t make your project look tacky.


Then simple as it sounds just carefully and firmly press onto clothing. Let the permanent glue dry for at least 24 hours before wearing it. With the temporary glue we should be able to wear it after it dries.  We don’t need to make this complicated. It’s just glueing one thing to another.


Next week I will show how they temporary glue washes off and if it leaves any residue or unwanted marks behind. And I will use iron on appliques and try to get a bit more creative.

 Until next week, probably 🤞Thanks for joining us here at Sequin Appliqués. 




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