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Adhesive Glue 
Movable adhesive
our Pressure sensitive
adhesive lets you move sequin appliques from one garment to another. 
Special Sensitive Adhesive
for sequin appliques
1 fl. oz Item # 10000
price $2.50 
100% non Toxic
leaves no Residue on fabric if taken off garment within 48 hours. 
Pre-Test before use is advisable
Apply medium coat of adhesive. Allow to dry until clear. Item is ready to wear and ready to move to one garment to another. If fuzz or lint prevents items from sticking to garment apply light coat of adhesive and allow to dry until clear. Fabrics not recommended are Taffeta, Lame, velour, velvet, spunsilk and neon colors. Do not put adhesive on the garment. Should this happen wash immediately with warm water. Once dry it cannot be removed. Do no leave items on garment for more than 2 days or bonding may become permanent. Store items sticky side down on Freezer paper and/or visqueen plastic purchase at places like home depot. 

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