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How do I apply the appliques?

All of our appliques are sew on. Some of our appliques are also iron on Appliques.

Most appliques you can glue on.

If the back of the applique has a plastic like feel that is a little shiny then it is iron on also.

This backing is not to be taken off if you are sewing the applique on.

When Ironing an applique on your fabric, turn the applique face down with the back facing up. Carefully lay your fabric on the applique where you want to place it. The setting on your iron should not exceed the setting for your material. Bring the iron straight down and hold for a few seconds. Do not move the iron around until the applique is securely in place. You can try doing a corner of the applique to get an idea on how long it will take to set the applique. You can also use a very thin towel between the iron and your fabric to protect your fabric from any stains that would come from the iron.

 we also have a pressure sensitive glue available that allows you to remove the applique from the garment for easy washing. This glue will allow you to get more use of your appliques and everyone seems to love it!

We have so many appliques in stock and we welcome you to email us if you need more information about how a certain applique needs to be applied.

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